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Young People's Thinking Styles Assessment

The One Assessment was made specifically designed for young people, and it provides them with a deeper understanding of their own natural strengths, gifts, and talents.

One is a platform that assists you in doing what you are passionate about and making the most of it. It aids you in locating key information, drawing you into an adventure of self-discovery that is fundamental to the creation of your life project.

Individual sessions



It's in you to do what you love.


Make the most of your natural talents.


Defining a life project causes a lot of tension and is not usually done successfully. The number of university dropouts and profession changes demonstrates that many decisions are not based on self-awareness of one's own strengths, but rather on reactions to the social or family context, which cannot be sustained over time.

With One, you will discover your talents and be able to focus on what you were born to do. It is now up to you to do what you love.

When you use your talents in the right context, you feel good and reach a state of "flow," making the most of your identity.

On the contrary, when we don't use our natural competencies, we enter a "type deviation" or "type falsification" state which is similar to adopting a thinking style that does not match our natural identity. As a result, there may be emotional conflicts, blockages, tension, communication misunderstandings, frustration, sadness, and so on.


What can you achieve with the assessment?

Recognize your innate abilities and how your brain is being used.

Interpret your own brain profile; understand your talents, competencies, and skills.

Assist you in doing what you love and making the most of it.

Learn strategies to manage your weaknesses.

Understand how to experience the "flow" state, based on efficient mastery of the brain's natural strengths, in order to accomplish optimal performance.

Recognize the deviation or adaptation of your natural way of thinking, helping you to reach higher physical and emotional wellness!

In a world where 75% of individuals do not use their natural strengths, you will have a significant advantage, as well as the incredible satisfaction of being able to pursue what you are passionate about.

You will save a lot of time and money by figuring out what you are good at and what you have a natural ability for from the start.


Some characteristics of the assessment

. . . . .

It is much more than a vocational test. While a test is limited to guiding you toward a variety of career options, One helps you uncover not only your talents but also the way in which your brain prefers to process information.


For instance, with One, you will be able to choose WHAT and WHERE. You will discover not just WHAT fields of study are most closely related to your talents, but also how to discern the distinctions in how these occupations are offered in different institutions/universities.  This way, you'll be able to determine whatever teachings are more aligned with your natural preferences.


Supported by neuroscience, you will also gain answers to existential questions that are critical in defining your life project.


75% of people have an incorrect perception of their natural strengths.

What will you receive by enrolling?

Link to online evaluation

It is completed online and might take up to 40 minutes.


Within 24 hours, you will receive a personal feedback report with recommendations for how to improve your productivity and happiness.

Instructions for interpreting and moving forward

You will be given instructions to assist you in assessing your profile, interpreting the results, and moving forward.

Thinking Styles Assessment / Adults:

Identify and develop your inherent skills for a better personal life and/or professional performance by taking the Thinking Styles Assessment.

Coaching with Benziger
Adults - young people:

Allows you to discover and rediscover your essence or natural talents, boosting your motivation while increasing your results in your professional and/or personal life.

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