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Coaching sessions with Benziger
Adults - Young People - Teams

We assist you in identifying and rediscovering your essence or natural talents, thereby increasing motivation and optimizing results in your professional and/or personal lives.

We work with young people, adults, and work teams, and we can provide sessions both in person and online.

Individual sessions

Online or face-to-face


Get to know yourself better and take action!

Take advantage of and develop your natural talents.


If our natural "thinking style" is not maintained, we will eventually adopt a new way of thinking in order to adapt to and get through challenges that would normally test our courage and ability. If this situation persists for too long, it can lead to a phenomenon known as "Type Falsification," which occurs when we lose direct contact with our natural inclination, leaving the person confused, insecure, and at the mercy of the external world.


Many people deviate from their natural thinking type when they work in activities for which they are not naturally gifted and do not feel drawn; as a result, their potential is not realized. As a result, productivity decreases, morale falls, sick days pile up, and the risk of depression rises.

Our consultants can help you interpret the results of the Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment and develop an action plan to improve your strengths and address your weaknesses.


What can you achieve with the Benziger assessment?

Learn to identify your natural talent and how you use your brain.

Understand your own brain profile as well as your strengths, weaknesses, and skills.

Understanding different thinking styles can help you communicate more effectively.

Learn how to manage your weaknesses.

Understand how to achieve optimal performance by experiencing a state of "flow" based on efficient mastery of the brain's natural strength.

Identify the deviation or adaptation of your natural way of thinking to achieve greater physical and emotional health!

Improve your creativity and analytical decision-making skills.


. . . . .

Who is it intended for?


We help you identify, appreciate, and develop your natural talents. We assist you in identifying the unique ability that differentiates you. The exclusive assessment for young people, One, has proven to be of great help in vocational orientation processes.


You can learn how much you've falsified or adapted from your "true" natural type with the help of the Benziger assessment. It also allows you to discover and rediscover your essence or natural talents, increasing your motivation and optimizing your results in both your professional and personal lives.


We guarantee to improve communication quality while also increasing confidence, performance, and commitment in your teams.


75% of people have a false perception of their natural strengths.

Characteristics of the Benziger Model

The Benziger Model is based on the theories of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung and is intended to help people improve their effectiveness, collaborative skills, and overall well-being by gaining a better understanding of their strengths.

The model provides useful information to assist people in determining their own stage of development:

Deep self-awareness.
Natural talent.
Type deviation.
Potential for development.
Extraversion and introversion levels.
Emotional tone.
Stress level.

Business Benefits include:

It increases self-awareness.
Improved selection processes.
It enables the creation of competency models as well as the improvement of position profiles.
Create highly effective teams.
Work team mapping is provided.
Improves productivity by getting to know the team and reallocating resources.
Improves both individual and group performance.
Improves interpersonal relationships and reduces conflict.
Retention strategies and career advancement.
Improvement in communication and harmony.

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