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Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment

Identify the talent of your collaborators/staff to improve the job of each member while also impacting the group's performance.

The goal is to find out a person's natural profile so that person can grow their job or hobbies in a more natural and productive way.

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80% of people do not use their natural talents at work.

Develop your potential by focusing on your strengths.


When someone finds themselves in a situation where they can't reach their full potential, it can lead to greater personal insecurity, stress, and difficulties managing their emotions.   


At a biological level, we all have natural skills and abilities that we call gifts. When we use them correctly, we feel wonderful and reach a state of "flowing" by squeezing our individuality to its fullest. 


On the contrary, when we don't use our natural abilities, we enter a "type deviation" or "type falsification," which is similar to adopting a way of thinking that does not match to our natural identity, according to Benziger. Emotional conflicts, obstructions, stress, misunderstandings in communication, frustration, sadness, and other negative outcomes may arise.


The Benziger Model is based on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung's theories and is intended to assist people enhance their effectiveness, collaboration abilities, and overall well-being through a greater awareness of one's strengths.


What can the individual achieve through assessment?

  • Learn to identify your natural talents and the way your brain is being used.

  • Learn about your talents, competencies, and skills by interpreting your own brain profile.

  • Understanding different thinking patterns might help you communicate more effectively.

  • Learn techniques to manage your weaknesses.

  • Understand how to achieve peak performance by experiencing the state of "flow" based on efficient mastery of the brain's natural performance.

  • Identify the deviation or adaptation of your natural type of thinking to obtain higher physical and emotional wellbeing!

  • Improve your creative and analytical decision-making skills.


. . . . .


What are the advantages
for the organization?

A better knowledge of the individual talents of the team members and how they can best contribute to achieving a common goal.

• Optimization of time and efficiency.

• Improvements in individual and group performance.

• Stress management.

• Conflict resolution.

• Improved interpersonal relationships.


• Direction (both professionally and personally).

• Collaboration in the selection process of suitable talent.

• Personnel promotion and career development.

• Team mapping.

• Job-matching.

• Self-awareness.


"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” (Peter Drucker)


Link to take the online assessment:

Each employee will be given a link to take the online assessment. It can take up to 30 to 40 minutes and can be completed at your own pace

Executive Summary:

An executive summary is created that reports on each employee's values or metrics in the major aspects of the evaluation.

Comprehensive feedback and express feedback:

Within 24 hours, you will receive a personal feedback report with recommendations for how to improve your productivity and success.

Module for Talent Profiling:

Allows you to match selected candidates to a specific role, as well as match one person to multiple positions at the same time using "Team Analysis".

Guidelines for interpretation and progress

Guidelines are offered to assist with profile analysis, result interpretation.

Team report:

The team's findings are summarized in a report that is tailored to the organization's specific goals.

Some advantages of our assessment

It determines how employees/collaborators feel about a company, which ones are more likely to leave, and how the corporation can identify internal talent quickly to develop it and provide its workers with opportunities for internal promotion.

No one is labeled by the Benziger Assessment, and there are no right or wrong responses; each individual can use the results in a fresh and meaningful way in their own lives. -It has a significant impact on raising awareness and developing development plans.

Benziger is the only assessment that allows you to identify the deviation or adaptation of the type of natural thinking of the person being assessed, allowing them to achieve greater health, both physical and emotional!

It is a legitimate and reliable test supported by over 29 years of research, with over 700 Consultants in 34 countries worldwide.

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