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Benziger Thinking Style Assessment

The Benziger Assessment can help you identify your dominant thinking style, allowing you to increase your productivity in areas where you are naturally more efficient.

It is a step forward in the right direction to making better decisions and it contributes to getting you closer to the best version of yourself by focusing on what you enjoy.

Distance sessions
Individual sessions



Know yourself better to make better decisions!

Develop your potential by focusing on your natural strengths.


When an individual comes across in a situation where he or she does not reach his or her full potential, personal uncertainty, stress, and difficulties controlling emotions may escalate.


On a biological level, we all have natural skills and abilities that we refer to as talents. In the correct setting, they can make us feel good and help us achieve a state of "flowing" in which our unique identity is fully expressed.


On the contrary, when we don't use our natural abilities, we move into a "type deviation" or "type falsification," which is similar to adopting a thinking style that does not match our natural identity, according to Benziger. The result can take many forms, including but not limited to: emotional conflicts, frustration, stress, misunderstandings in communication, irritation, sadness, and so on.


The Benziger model is based on the theories of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung and is intended to help you improve your effectiveness, collaborative skills, and overall well-being through a better understanding of your own strengths.


What can you accomplish with the assessment?

  • Learn to recognize your natural talent and how you use your brain.

  • Interpret your own brain profile to discover more about your unique strengths, competencies, and skills.

  • Improve your ability to communicate by understanding different thinking styles.

  • Learn strategies to manage your weaknesses.

  • Learn to reach optimal performance by entering a state of "flow" based on effective use of your brain's innate abilities.

  • Get in better physical and mental health by identifying the way your mind has deviated from its natural state.

  • Improve your creative and analytical decision-making skills.


. . . . .

Who is it for?


People who are inspired or drawn to find their purpose, to identify their abilities in order to strengthen them, rather than resigning themselves to doing what the environment imposes on them.

It can also help those who are "disoriented" and feel the urge to "reinvent themselves," drawing on the assets that make each person unique.


People, professionals, and leaders who desire to improve their job performance and achieve their professional and business goals in accordance with their talents and natural, personal, and work-related motivations.


The Model provides supervisors with a framework for better understanding employees' concerns such as perception, motivation, and job satisfaction.  It is also a powerful tool for resolving problems of goal attainment, group cohesiveness, and leadership.


75% of people have a misperception of their natural strengths.

What will you receive by enrolling?

A link to take the online assessment:

It is completed online and might take between 30 and 40 minutes

Comprehensive feedback and express feedback:

Within 24 hours, you will receive a personal feedback report with recommendations for how to improve your productivity and success.

Guidelines for interpretation and progress:

You will receive guidelines that will assist you in analyzing your profile, interpreting the results to move forward.

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