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About us

Almost 30 years releasing talent

Bzg Talent Solutions is a company devoted to assisting with talent management based on the analysis of data collected from individuals. We work with reliable and relevant information to ensure objective decision-making.

With 29 years of experience, we are present in 34 countries and provide solutions for a variety of requirements, both on a personal level and in the development of work teams.

We have over 700 consultants worldwide who conduct assessments and provide consulting services with talent management solutions for both individuals and teams

Our assessments are designed to assist individuals in improving their effectiveness, collaboration skills, and overall well-being through a better understanding of their own strengths.


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Using people analytics with relevant and reliable data to make objective decisions.

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A unique and successful model

Eighty percent of people do not utilize their natural strengths in the workplace, resulting in negative outcomes for both individuals and organizations. Neuroscience has demonstrated that when people are recognized for their innate strengths, they are more effective and successful.

Based on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung's theories, the Benziger model provides viable information about human behavior. It is currently one of the most popular models used by companies in Latin America, across multiple human resources management processes (personnel selection, talent identification, promotions, job design and matching), as well as in universities and educational institutions, in processes of talent self-awareness and career choice or change.


We provide valuable information about human behavior from a neuroscience perspective, which is of great use to executives, consultants, therapists, and anyone interested in guiding others to achieve better performance, quality of life, and well-being. These people will also be able to make better and more accurate decisions by relying on relevant and reliable information.

The only model that shows an individual's natural preferences and how they have adapted or deviated in response to environmental demands.

Greater specificity: the numerical baseline of each profile.

It reveals the extent to which auxiliary and weak functions have developed.


It demonstrates how each function makes a unique contribution to life based on the neurophysiological foundations of functional specialization.


Identifying talent is the first step towards leveraging and empowering it.

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