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The BZG "Recognize" workshop is very useful for family businesses. At Calidad Pascual we currently work with three generations of the family, and with this family workshop we have been able to validate the innate strengths and competencies that each family member can contribute to the whole. A clear and precise mapping with different profiles that allowed us to confirm or modify positions of each member of the family, depending on the talents and development of specific skills of each one. They were very gratifying and revealing meetings with an enormous contribution to efficiency and productivity. Without a doubt, another powerful tool from BZG that helps our teams develop and align personal purposes with corporate objectives. Key to feeding our high-performance culture, recognizing our potential and creating spaces for our people to deploy their greatest strengths”.

Pascual Gomez-Cuetara Family

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“I am infinitely grateful for all the knowledge that added to my personal and professional development, I really enjoyed the workshop, the materials are very didactic and easy to understand, they are of great support to the learning process. Advancing in the knowledge of the being, every day should lead us to ratify the importance of applying the Benziger tool. Thank you very much for your commitment and way of teaching.”

Alexandra Barragán Bernal

Coordinadora Regional de Desarrollo Humano Regional de Occidente


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"The certification was excellent! The contents and theory were very interesting and had a great impact. It was a really complete experience, highly recommended".

Manuela Sozio Muñoz

Marketing coordinator



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¨It is the best at showing adolescence and adulthood, in detail, much insight through the assessment. The most valuable thing is the exercise of self-awareness in each one, to discover their preferences and where they are falsifying type.


It has impacted the development of our people by providing an accurate notion of their strengths and learning to ask for the necessary help in that they cannot do fluently or simply that it does not come naturally and involves a lot of effort¨.

Tania Osorio V.

Director of Human Resources for Chile and Sales Latin America

Procter & Gamble

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¨The Benziger Evaluation is among the instruments that have contributed most to the knowledge of the candidates (internal / external) and with greater correlation with the information obtained in the evaluation interviews.


It has contributed in the identification of his abilities and limitations, contributing in determining the most suitable area and position according to the characteristics observed in the profile. I recommend it".

Paula Ebner

Selection Manager


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¨The assessment of style of thought has allowed us to better understand the leaders and teams, the way they think, how they communicate and coordinate actions. It has allowed us to understand how from the difference each team member contributes and complements, taking advantage of the best of each style.


It is a tool that helps us that the management of human talent is an organizational capacity since it makes it possible to advance in the knowledge of oneself, in addition to the knowledge of the team for its development and management¨.

Human Talent Team Sura
Corporate Latin America

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"I consider the Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment a valuable contribution tool to the process that I conduct in psychological counseling, to young people and adults, whose reason for consultation is professional and work reorientation.
This tool adds to the deepening of self-knowledge and the personal development of the oriented person. It collaborates in a significant way in their self-exploration as a process of vocational awakening.
The way of presenting their results is agile and synthetic reading, where the “photo” of the person is clearly reflected as part of the process towards their own self.".

Maria de los Angeles Gavilán
Lic. In Psychology
Director of Centro D´Alfonso

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“I have only words of gratitude for energizing a wonderful workshop from the closeness and humor and for the overflowing passion that infected the whole group. The workshop has been truly enriching. It has allowed us to discover autonomously how to maximize our energy and neuronal efficiency through our thinking styles and how to empower our natural talents.

Thank you very much for making this workshop a wonderful experience. It is a powerful tool to help our teams develop and create a culture of high performance in the company”.

Palmira García Antón

Director of Talent Management and Development

Calidad Pascual


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“We would like to thank you for the wonderful and well-organized workshop in Mumbai, India. The workshop was indeed a delight for me and my team, we would fully recommend the workshop! I’m pretty sure it will help my team not only in their professional but also personal lives.

The way they explained everything in-depth and with many examples; non-stop for hours full of positive energy is impressive. Once again, thank you!”

Varun Nambiar

Managing Director



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"Knowing the thinking styles and the Benziger assessment allowed me to understand and understand ourselves in the process prior to the illness and/or frustration of the person regarding their choices, improve their natural skills, and achieve the harmonious balance between health/illness, without a doubt a one-way trip in search of personal and collective harmony".

Sebastián Adle



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"The main contribution is that we know which are the dominances and strengths of each of our leaders, and how they work better. 


The impact on the organizational culture has been less resistance to change¨.

I consider it to be one of the most valuable and reliable instruments that we have used, because in addition to giving a possible behavior, it gives us know preferences and this helps us determine the best person for the position¨.

Luis Alfredo Chavarría Rodríguez
PriceSmart Inc.

Regional Credit Card Manager


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¨It is a valuable tool, an interesting look of the human being that complements!.


It generates reliability and for leaders it is very useful to discriminate and make decisions of the candidates in the selection process, it is a good instrument to validate the interview¨.

Humberto Peñaloza

HR director



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¨Definitively I recommend it, it is an objective and clear instrument that adds value to organizations by increasing productivity and facilitating the career planning of employees, by being able to direct them based on their natural talents. The system is useful, timely and easy to interpret.


After using the Benziger system and with the accompaniment of the Interior Compass consultants, the promotion of our collaborators to positions of greater responsibility has been much more effective¨.

Arturo R. Salgado Romero

Administrative Director

La Moderna Group / Division mills


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"In my professional and personal experience, it has been a very useful tool. I have seen the results in the results of the people and teams to whom I have applied the tool and have accompanied since I got certified in 2012.


It also allows recognize the natural leadership style, this information shared with the team favors the development of strategies to achieve complementarity¨.

Pedro Prieto de Alba



Managing Director

Newland School


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¨By using the test as a source of self-knowledge, the patient can understand more clearly the way in which his mind translates reality. Giving the person tools so that their emotional development is harmonious and functional. Besides, it allows me to establish a strategy that the patient, according to their abilities, find comfortable and do not have trouble to follow. Either a diet plan, or an exercise regimen or ways to control anxiety and stress management. Until a life plan that helps you to carry out a successful job that you can feel proud of¨.

Anabella Schulz

Health Consultant (Health Coach)


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¨ We decided to work with Benziger to understand the natural abilities of each collaborator and to develop a high performance team, where each one can contribute from where he is happiest and most comfortable, collaborating collectively and complementing different types of thinking. This allowed us to have a high self-knowledge, to focus the next professional development actions in an efficient and assertive way ... ¨.

Federico Antonio Alonso

Manager of Operational Services

Gire S.A.


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¨Without a doubt the Benziger has become an indispensable tool in our executive development processes, has allowed us to take practical actions and easily applicable to the day to day¨.

Ricardo Bolaños Davis

Corporate Director of Organizational Development

Pellas Group

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¨My experience with Benziger in the candidate evaluations and selection processes has been satisfactory, the reports have proven to be very effective, specific and have contributed to us in making decisions when choosing candidates for our organization. In addition, once admitted to Aspen, he has helped us guide new collaborators, identifying their opportunities for improvement¨.

Denisse Lucía Molina Dupuy

HR Business Partner

Aspen Chile

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¨Consider that BTSA is an indispensable tool in the processes of individual and team coaching, since it provides a view from the neurosciences, solid and concrete, when some process of development of people is approached. My training as a doctor and doctorate in neurosciences, leads me to choose among the best and most solid instruments for the diagnosis and monitoring of my coaches. Serious, proven and very clear methodology, especially for companies that need clarity of the processes they take with their collaborators. I recommend it.

Lucas Sebastián Canga Ivica

Consulting partner

Momentum Consultants

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